EDU110 - Educational Psychology

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Requirement of Program(s):

Multiple Subject
Single Subject Agriculture
Single Subject English
Single Subject Math
Single Subject Science
Single Subject Social Science

PLEASE NOTE: The School of Education will offer an intensive course to meet this requirement for admitted credential students in 2024.  Registration and cost information will be provided to students upon admission.

There is only one way to meet this requirement:

1. Complete an approved UPPER DIVISION course that covers major concepts, principles, theories and research related to child and adolescent development AND human learning. Specifically:

  • Child & adolescent development — Covers major concepts, principles, theories and research related to the cognitive, linguistic, social, emotional and physical development of children and adolescents (ALL age groups).
  • Theories of learning— Covers major concepts, principles and research associated with theories of human learning and achievement.

Please see list on the right for approved courses. Courses highlighted in orange, were previously approved. A current syllabus is needed to determine if the course still meets the requirement. Courses marked with an asterisk (*) have historically been offered as an online or distance learning course. Check with the individual institution to confirm course offerings.

If you believe you completed a course that meets this requirement, please submit a Course Substitution Request under the "Course Inquiry" tab. Course syllabus required. Please do not submit courses that are not upper division. A course taken at a community college will NOT meet this requirement.

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Course Substitutions for EDU110

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