FAS 301 - Introduction to Parenting

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Date Reviewed

October 2012
Integrated approach to understanding parenting and parent-child interactions. The primary emphasis is placed on understanding children, the developmental changes that take place from birth through adolescence, and how these changes relate to caring for, nurturing, and promoting children’s development through parent-child interactions. In this way, an enhanced appreciation of children and their changing needs should be gained, as well as an appreciation of the issues involved in parenting. •Provide students with an overview of the empirical and theoretical information on parenting. •Increase students’ knowledge and understanding of children’s development and appropriate parenting approaches as children develop. •Enhance students’ awareness of their own values and attitudes regarding parenting and children. •Encourage students to develop positive attitudes towards: children and parenting, learning about children’s development, and taking an active role in children’s learning.

Course Type

Upper Division