Do the courses you have taken fulfill our prerequisites? Find answers here. The UC Davis Course Equivalency website allows you to search our records to determine if courses completed at other universities are equivalent to our program prerequisites. 

NOTE: Substitutions will only be accepted for the following program prerequisites:

  • AED100 - Concepts in Agricultural and Environmental Education
  • EDU110 - Educational Psychology - copy of syllabus required
  • Fundamental Math (multiple subject applicants only)
  • U. S. Constitution

How to navigate this website:

  • Use Find your college if you would like to see approved and rejected courses by college. Check here first to see if the course you would like to substitute has already been reviewed.
  • Use Browse Requirements if you would like to browse approved and rejected courses by requirement.
  • Use Course Inquiry to place a course equivalency request, if you have taken a course or are thinking about taking a course that has not yet been reviewed for equivalency.

We utilize a color-coded system:

  • GREEN indicates courses have been reviewed and deemed ‘equivalent’ in content to our requirements.
  • YELLOW indicates a review is in process. You should be able to check back within a week for the determination.
  • ORANGE indicates the course was previously deemed equivalent but too much time has elapsed since we evaluated the course. We need a current syllabus to evaluate whether the course still meets the required content.
  • RED indicates courses have been reviewed and are NOT equivalent to our requirement.

If you have taken a course that you believe might be equivalent to a requirement and it is not listed on our site already, please be sure to review the course description to be sure that it is a course that equivalencies can be considered for and that the course you have completed covers the content described. Then if appropriate, submit a Course Inquiry Request. You can expect to be notified by email within 3-4 weeks whether your course is equivalent or not.

For more information, please contact the office at (530) 752-5887 or at eduadvising@ucdavis.edu.