SCED 375 - Theory and Methods of Secondary Education

Approval Status


Date Reviewed

August 2014

This course is part of your preparation for licensure in a major or minor that is part of the BYU Educator Preparation Program (EPP). This course will help you fulfill the EPP Outcomes required for accreditation. This class aims to help pre-service teachers 1) identify the filters with which they see and understand adolescents, 2) inform their own teaching of the context of development so that they may attend to developmental issues in their future planning and curriculum creation and 3) consider the isssues of development as they relate to theories of classroom management. This class will focus on significant areas of development that occur during adolescence (physical, cognitive, and social) and the developmental tasks (autonomy, intimacy, and identity) that should be supported during adolescence. In addition, we will examine major theories of classroom management. By the end of the class students will be able to: 1) Recall and recognize the facts and theories about adolescent development in the areas of physical, social, and cognitive development and the tasks of autonomy, intimacy, and identity and articulate the relationships therein. 2) Decipher the relationships of these theories and facts in contexts and cases of adolescence. 3) Recognize and identify the implications of adolescent development on their own teaching and integrate future lessons and classroom management with the knowledge they have of development as well as the moral dimensions of teaching.

Course Type

Upper Division