EDU115 - Educating Children with Disabilities

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Effective with the 2020-21 academic year, we will grant equivalencies for EDU 115: Education Children with Disabilities.

Typical course description: Educational issues and processes involved in teaching children with disabilities. Focuses on the structure of special education, with an emphasis on meeting the educational needs of children who are mainstreamed in regular classes.

Please see list on the right for approved courses. Courses highlighted in orange, were previously approved, but a current syllabus is needed to determine if the course meets new requirements. Please submit a Course Inquiry under the "Course Inquiry" tab and provide a copy of the syllabus for review.

If you believe you completed a course that meets this requirement, please submit a Course Inquiry under the "Course Inquiry" tab. Course syllabus required. 

If it is confirmed that you have taken a course that is equivalent to EDU 115 you will instead be enrolled in EDU 199.  Taking either EDU 115 or EDU 199 during the credential year is required to meet the Teaching Performance Expectations (TPEs) established by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing.



Course Substitutions for EDU115

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