EDUC 100A & EDUC 100B (Formerly EDS 100A & B) - Educating Students with Disabilities in Inclusive Settings

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Date Reviewed

August 2020

EDUC 100A - Educating Students with Disabilities in Inclusive Settings

This course provides an overview of current knowledge about individuals with disabilities within the context of inclusive educational and community-based settings, with substantial focus on the role of the educator in the education of students who have disabilities in diverse communities. Content includes historical factors, legislation, causes and characteristics, educational needs, educational strategies, including educational technologies, assessment, collaboration, and support services for individuals with disabilities ranging across mild, moderate, severe, and profound disability levels. 

Note: Designed to meet the Special Education requirement for a clear multiple and single subject credential.

EDUC 100B - Educating Students with Disabilities in Inclusive Settings Lab

Field-based 30 hour experience. Lab is a synthesis and application of EDUC 100A course content in educational setting for students who receive special education services. Students will verify multiple experiences across the age-span and in inclusive educational settings, agencies, and community environments.

Formerly EDS 100 A & B. 

NOTE: You must take BOTH of these courses to satisfy the EDU 115 requirement.

Course Type

Upper Division