HIS 17A - History of the United States

Approval Status


Date Reviewed

June 2017

This course is a survey of United States History from Reconstruction to the present. Emphasis is on the political, economic, intellectual, and social forces which have molded modern America. The course covers significant persons, events, and issues from our nation's past. Covered topics include all geographical regions ultimately encompassed by the United States, racial, class, religious, and gender conflicts, immigration, politics, economics, culture, the development of a national identity and American institutions, as well as the United States's rise as a major world power. The course fulfills the Social Science (group A) requirement for AA degree and applies toward completion of the California state requirements in United States History and Institutions. A study of California state and local government is included in this History 17B. (UC, CSU, CAN HIST 10, CAN HIST SEQ B with both HIST 17A and HIST 17B)

Course Type

Lower Division