HIST 102 - History of the United States since 1865

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January 2014
Recommended for Success: Before enrolling in this course, students are strongly advised to satisfactorily complete ENGL 101. Survey of United States history from 1865 through contemporary period, exploring the intersection of politics, the economy, society, culture and geography. Periods covered include: Reconstruction,late-19th century industrialization, the American West, imperialism, the Progressive Era, World War I, the 1920s, the 1930s and the Great Depression, World War II, the Cold War, civil rights, and modern America. Field trips are not required. Expected Learning Outcomes: Upon satisfactory completion of HIST 102, the student should be prepared to: 1. Demonstrate factual knowledge of key political, economic, social and cultural events and issues in United States history since 1865. 2. Apply critical thinking (including causal analysis and skeptical inquiry) to historical concepts and developments in history. 3. Evaluate, analyze and interpret primary and secondary historical sources and make historical arguments based on these sources. This course could be reevaluated with a current syllabus.

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Lower Division