PS-1 Intro to Government

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Date Reviewed

April 2015
This course was a comprehensive study of the American government system. It was a 4 unit, semester course with an extensive section on the creation of the U.S. constitution, along with study and analysis of the constitution itself--as well as later amendments. The course is described in the Cabrillo Course catalog as follows: Surveys the origins and development of the U.S. political system.Topics include basic concepts from political philosophy, constitutional law, institutions of the federal government (Congress, Presidency, Courts) political parties and elections, federalism,public opinion, the media, interest groups, civil liberties and rights, and California politics. Contemporary issues will be presented from a variety of viewpoints. (Satisfies the state requirement for American institutions and California government.) Critical analytical written work is the primary means of evaluating student performance in this course. May be offered in a Distance-Learning Format. Transfer Credit:Transfers to CSU; UC

Course Type

Lower Division