Psychology 117 - Lifespan Development

Approval Status


Date Reviewed

September 2014

"Prerequisite: PSY 001. (Not open to “01” class level students.) Human development from conception through death. Considers social, psychological, cognitive, and biological processes." Lifespan Development Course Syllabus Description: "The major objective of this course is to increase your understanding of human development from a scientific and psychological perspective. Throughout this course you will be expected to: describe normative behavior of individuals in terms of physical, biosocial, cognitive, & social- emotional development, demonstrate an understanding of theories that constitute the field of human development & how these theories guide both research and ‘best practices’ when working with people, observe human development & discuss possible explanations of expected (and unexpected) behaviors in light of cultural expectations, synthesize research findings and communicate how these conclusions help inform practitioners (educators, psychologists, parents, etc.) about pressing issues in developmental psychology; effectively write & communicate about issues, applications, and research in the field of lifespan development; examine your own developmental journey, effectively utilize the APA format & style of writing in specified assignments."

Course Type

Upper Division