PSY 475/575 & PSY 309 - Cognitive Development & Psychopathology

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Date Reviewed

August 2019

PSY 475/575 - Cognitive Development 

Intellectual development in children from infancy to adolescence with a focus on early childhood. Topics covered include perception, attention, memory, reasoning, conceptual structure, social cognition. 
Prereq: PSY 303; one course from PSY 305, PSY 308.

PSY 309 - Psychopathology

This course will expose you to various models of psychopathology, and current research on the phenomenology, contributing factors, and treatments for psychopathology. This course meets the Social Science General Education requirement because it offers a representative cross-section of key issues, theoretical perspectives, and tools and methods used in psychopathology research. 


These two courses combined satisfy the Educational Psychology prerequisite. 


Course Type

Upper Division