PSYC 30019 - Development of the Thinking Child

Approval Status


Date Reviewed

January 2023

The subject will provide students with an opportunity to evaluate the relationship between cognitive and neuropsychological typical and atypical development in pre-adolescent children.

Contemporary theory and research methods for investigating cognitive and neuropsychological development will be reviewed. The focus will be on the adequacy of research methods for answering questions about typical and atypical cognitive and neuropsychological development. Subject themes will include:

Characterizing the development of thinking and reasoning abilities.

Characterizing neuropsychological development in pre-adolescent children.

Understanding links between the adequacies of research questions, research methods and data analyses.

Understanding the meaning and significance of variability in cognitive and neuropsychological change in pre-adolescent children.

Formulating research questions that investigate typical and atypical development.

Writing research reports that reflect an awareness of differences in typical and atypical developing pre-adolescent children. 

The overall aim of the subject is to help students acquire an understanding of the issues associated with identifying typical and atypically cognitive and neuropsychological development in preadolescent children.

Course Type

Upper Division