Psychology 106: Social and Emotional Development

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August 2015
Course Catalog: An examination of contemporary theory and research on social and emotional development from infancy through childhood. Syllabus Topics: Theoretical Explanations, Nature and Nurture, Infant's Early Socioemotional World, Emotional Development, Temperament, Attachment, Childhood Adversity and Resilience, Moral Development, Social Competence and Peer Relations, Prejudice and Discrimination, School Climates, Aggression, Self-Concepts, Identity Development, Media and Childhood Development, Gender Development Rationale: Psychology 106, Social and Emotional Development, is an upper division psychology course at UC Santa Cruz in which students learn about theories and concepts about the emotional, social, and cognitive changes that occur during childhood. This course requires that students explore theories in lecture and review that material in weekly discussion sections. Additionally, this course requires that students pass regular quizzes, two midterms and a final exam. Furthermore, an additional requirement of this course is that students write a research paper in which students propose possible research that could be done to improve the current knowledge about children's emotional, social, and cognitive development throughout childhood.

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Upper Division