EDUC 108 - Adolescent Development in Education

Approval Status


Date Reviewed

December 2014
UC Irvine School of Education Catalogue Description: Explores the physical, cognitive, emotional, and social development of adolescents, with an emphasis on the practical implications of developmental theory and research findings for teachers and other professionals who work with adolescents in middle or high school contexts. Class Syllabus Description: This undergraduate course is designed to provide an overview of theories and concepts related to adolescent development. Because this is a course designed specifically for future educators, we will focus mainly on development in the context of middle and high schools. By the end of this class, the successful student will understand the major concepts, principles, and theories of adolescent development—intellectual, physical, social, cultural, and emotional, how the development of all adolescents occurs in the context of classrooms, families, peer groups, communities and society, as well as the implications of developmental differences for teaching and learning, and for school organization and components of successful programs within schools.

Course Type

Upper Division