CRD 158 - Community Governance

Approval Status


Date Reviewed

September 2014
The purpose of this course is to acquaint students with the theory and practice of local government politics and management. In this regard, key issues in several functional areas of local government service will be highlighted. (2) Broadly, students will learn to understand the scope, powers, limitations, procedures, mandates, conflicts, constitutional and legal frames, offices, democratic life of local government (3) Additionally, the course is also designed to help students determine whether they want to pursue a career in local government, and how their skills, interest, and education might fit in with a career in local government or related fields. (4) Students will explore tools of critical analysis of the historical development of US and Californian local government and assess their usefulness for planned change at the local level. (5) Interaction with local government practitioners and political activists that inform about possibilities and limitations of contemporary local government issues.

Course Type

Upper Division