MATH095/Lecture/M15 - Beginning Algebra

Approval Status


Date Reviewed

March 2014
This is a beginning algebra course intended for students who have never had algebra or had it many years ago. Topics include operations of the integers, linear equations with applications, exponents, operations with polynomials, factoring, and graphing linear equations. A C or better grade is required to pass the course, and to take additional algebra based mathematics courses. A scientific calculator is recommended. This is a noncredit course, which may not be applied toward any degree or certificate program. It may be counted toward a full-time load for financial aid purposes. Prerequisites: C or better grade in MATH 090 if required by placement testing; prior completion or concurrent enrollment in ENGL 099 and RDNG 099 if required by placement testing. 4 Equiv. Cr. (4 Lec.)

Course Type

Lower Division