AWSS 320/322

Approval Status


Date Reviewed

January 2014
AWSS 320 Feminist Pedagogy in Theory/ AWSS 322Y Feminist Pedagogy in Practice is the Continuation of AWSS 310-Intro to Feminist Pedagogy, an In-depth study of issues central to contemporary feminism, with special emphasis on group process, self-motivated learning and social change through education. The course is designed for students who are members of the Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies Teaching Internship. Theory is discussed in the context of students serving as facilitators in sections of A WSS 101- Introduction to Feminisms. Students work under faculty supervision in a collaborative, collective mode of shared responsibility and leadership. Taken concurrently with AWSS322Y. Prerequisite(s): AWSS 310 (Into to Feminist Pedagogy) and 360 (Feminist Social and Political Thought), and permission of chair.

Course Type

Upper Division