Humanitites Honor Program

Approval Status


Date Reviewed

February 2011
The Humanities Honors Program is a General Education four-semester, six-unit per semester survey course of the Foundation of Western Culture and Society (HUM 1A/HUM 1B) and Modern Cultural and Social Institutions (HUM 2A/HUM 2B). It is formulated to emphasize the interrelationship of art, literature, philosophy and social institutions. It is centered in the interdisciplinary study of world culture. "Interdisciplinary" means that world culture is considered through the lens of different academic disciplines including: music, art history, rhetoric, philosophy, history and political theory, literature, and theatre. Through the study of cultures, students develop a foundational knowledge of the stories of human history and how civilizations have arisen and transformed into the cultures of the world today. Humanities Honors curriculum spans Antiquity (1A), the Middle Ages and Renaissance (1B), Revolutionary and Modern Eras (2A), and the Contemporary Era (2B). Be sure to look at our Reading List and FAQ online for more information. What the program satisfies at a glance: Core GE Area Sections Units Written Communication 1A A2 3 units Critical Thinking A3 3 units Oral Communication A1 3 units Arts & Letters C1 & C2 6 units Written Communication 1B C3 3 units Comparative Systems D2 3 units Social Issues D3 3 units US History & Constitution F1 & F2 3 units CA Government F3 3 units 30 GE Units Total (36 Units for Engineering) (Engineering students satisfy Areas D1 and E.)