PSY 331 - Infant and Child Development

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March 2014
Psychological development of normal child from infancy through childhood focusing on physical, social, cognitive, and linguistic aspects of development. Prerequisites: Psychology 101 and 230. Students enrolling in this course must have earned a C or better in Psychology 230. Proof of completion of prerequisite required for Psychology 230: Copy of transcript. General Text: NOTE: To declare the psychology major, students must report in person to the Psychology Undergraduate Advising Office and provide the Undergraduate Adviser with evidence of having completed the requirements. Informal transcripts may be used by the Psychology Undergraduate Office to determine declaration of the major. Students should declare the major as soon as they have completed the necessary requirements and should complete no more than 12 units of upper division psychology courses prior to declaring the major. Students who are planning to transfer to SDSU should visit the Psychology Undergraduate Office and develop a plan for declaring the major during the semester prior to enrolling. Footnotes: S Proof of prerequisite required. ZR Specific competency requirements must be met prior to enrolling in this class; see section information for details.

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Upper Division