MATH 120 (Formerly MATH 32) -Number Systems

Approval Status


Date Reviewed

May 2017

MATH-120 is a course designed for prospective elementary teaching credential candidates and teachers working in early childhood programs. The focus is on multiple understandings of operations with whole numbers, fractions and decimals, to develop students' abilities to teach these topics. Students will learn relevant examples for teaching problem solving, number systems of other cultures, and introductory number theory. Students will learn how to present mathematical concepts through examples that are relevant to the lives and cultures of elementary school students. Math 120 is a transfer level course for Liberal Studies majors transferring to the CSU campuses. Math 120 satisfies the CSU area B4 requirement, but does not satisfy IGETC Area B4. Students who are Liberal Studies majors should refer to the articulation agreements for the CSU campuses; CSU GE and IGETC plans are not appropriate for Liberal Studies majors. SC LMC: ADR: Language and Rationality: Communication and Analytical Thinking; DA Transfer: UC, CSU Gen. Ed. Area B4


Course Type

Lower Division