ENGL 1A - Composition and Reading

Approval Status


Date Reviewed

May 2022

English 1A is a composition course which focuses on the development and application of the academic writing process. Students read and assess models of expository, analytical, and argumentative prose to learn techniques of effective writing. Students practice strategies for planning, drafting, sharing, and revising essays in a variety of rhetorical modes. Students apply critical reading skills to the evaluation of source material in the development of a thesis-driven, research-supported essay. To create the research essay, students apply techniques in organizing, developing, and crafting prose which supports their arguments and balances outside sources with their own voice as writers. To achieve this end, students write no fewer than six essays (a minimum of 6,000 words) and read at least five works, two of which are book length. (C-ID: ENGL 100). Completion of English 1A meets transfer level and baccalaureate/university level equivalent.

PREREQUISITE: English 250 and English 260 or equivalent with grade of 'C' or better or satisfactory score on the English Placement examination. (Standard Letter Grade.) Effective: Fall 2017 to Fall 2020.

Course Type

Lower Division