SOSC 120F - Introduction to Probability and Statistics I*

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Date Reviewed

May 2022

This course is an introduction to probability and statistics. This course covers descriptive and inferential statistics as well as the probabilistic basis of statistical inference. Computers and calculators will be utilized. Data sets and problems will be from anthropology, economics, geography, political science, psychology and sociology. This course is open to all students who meet the prerequisite, but is required for anthropology and sociology majors. This course is strongly recommended for economics, ethnic studies, geography and political science majors. Psychology majors should seek the advice of a counselor before choosing between PSY 161 F and this course. Students who receive credit for this course may not receive credit for MATH 120 F. (CSU) (UC Credit Limitation) (Degree Credit) AA GE, CSU GE, IGETC


* Course name changed - Course description is taken from 2012-2013 catalog.

Course Type

Lower Division