PSYC 3140 - Human Development

Approval Status


Date Reviewed

October 2014

This course is cross-listed with two prefixes. Child Development majors or concentrations should enroll in CDEV 3140; Psychology majors should enroll in PSYC 3140. Basic principles of life-span human development with emphasis upon the study of infancy, childhood and adolescence. Includes discussions of current developmental research and applications. This course talks about theories and research conducted on the field of human psychology, development and life span. Also it talks about ways certain behaviors effect the educational outcome of children and adolescence. Through successful participation in this course, students will: • demonstrate understanding of the continuity of growth, and the relationship of prenatal, neonatal, infancy, childhood and adolescent issues to patterns of continuous growth throughout the lifespan. • demonstrate understanding of the complexity of biological and environmental factors that influence the domains of human development. • synthesize and apply the principles, theories, and research to Video Application Questions using VAD Observations.

Course Type

Upper Division