EDTE/EDUC 165 - Sex Role Stereotyping in American Education

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Date Reviewed

March 2014
This course is designed to introduce students to the educational problems and practices resulting from societal gender role stereotyping. While we focus on schools, it will be important to examine other institutions in our society that supports gender stereotyping both to understand the problem fully, and to understand the many dimensions of its solution. Course Objectives: It is the goal of this course to teach students to examine and create ways through the study of historic data and acquisition of skills that will enhance an understanding of gender bias and sex-role stereotyping. It is hoped that students will be able to recognize and critically examine the development of the individual as an integrated physiological, psychological, and social being in regards to gender development. Students will: a. Identify sex-role stereotyping in the classrooms and in the media which students are exposed. b. Analyze textbooks and other educational media for sex-role stereotyping. c. Examine the effects of sex-role stereotyping in education in the U.S. d. Discuss and evaluate evidence relative to innate sex differences. e. Examine ways of minimizing sex-role stereotyping. f. Identify and discuss legal requirements affecting school policies in the area of sex-role stereotyping. g. Evaluate possible effects of changing sex-role identifications. h. Examine the relationship between culture and gender roles

Course Type

Upper Division