HDEV 356 & HDEV 365 - Infancy and Early Childhood & Adolescence

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Date Reviewed

February 2018

HDEV 356 - Infancy and Early Childhood Education  Infancy and Early Childhood focuses on developmental, behavioral, and other psychological theories in providing a rigorous introduction to the various biological, social, and cultural factors known to contribute to human growth and development during the initial phases of life (prenatal to preschool). Readings emphasize research and application in family and social settings. (May be offered as classroom-based, hybrid, or online.) (Prereq: Junior or Senior Standing)

HDEV 365 - Adolescence  Adolescence focuses on psychological, biological cognitive, and other ecological theories in examining adolescent development. The impact of culture and context on identity development and on successful transition to adulthood is emphasized. (May be offered as classroom-based, hybrid, or online.) (Prereq: HDEV 260: Introduction to Child Development (4 units) or HDEV 360: Child Development (4 units) or HDEV 351: Lifespan Development: Transition and Change (4 units) or PSY 340: Developmental Psychology (3 units) or Equivalent)

You must take BOTH of these courses to satisfy the Educational Psychology prerequisite.

Course Type

Upper Division