HIST 2773 - The US Since 1876

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Date Reviewed

April 2013
Based on a recent review of the content of this course, it no longer meets the state's requirement as being a course that covers "The provisions and principles of the US Constitution. If you have questions or concerns please contact us at eduadvising@ucdavis.edu or (530) 752-5887. HIST 2773-This course will show the student how the United States of America grew to become a major world power between the years 1876 and the present time. Domestic growth and development in the final quarter of the nineteenth century will be examined in considerable detail. This growth and development caused the United States to change from a society which was primarily rural and agricultural, to one which today is highly urbanized, and highly industrialized. As the course progresses, foreign affairs will be emphasized more and more, as the United States acquires global responsibilities. This course also familiarizes the student with other aspects of American History as well. Social and political history, diplomatic history, and cultural and ethnic history will all be combined to give the student a balanced view of the United States during the years which this course is concerned with.