MATH120 - Fundamentals of College Mathematics

Approval Status


Date Reviewed

December 2011
This is a Core mathematics course intended for students who wish to major in a non-quantitative discipline. MATH 120 is not a preparatory course for MATH 126 or for any other mathematics or statistics course on UNR campus. Students will see a brief overview of basic set operations, probability, statistics, consumer mathematics, variation, geometry and trigonometry for measurement, linear, quadratic, exponential and logarithmic functions with emphasis on problem solving and applications. (MATH 019-119 is a one year alternative to 120 for students with disabilities.) Any UNR course that lists MATH 120 as a prerequisite accepts a higher level Mathematics or Statistics course in its place. Credit may not be received for MATH 120 if credit has already been awarded for MATH 127 or above.