AMS 15A & AMS 15B - Case Study Calculus I & II

Approval Status


Date Reviewed

September 2016

AMS 15A & 15B - Case Study Calculus I & II Case-study-based, first-quarter introduction to single-variable calculus, with computing labs/discussion sections featuring contemporary symbolic, numerical, and graphical computing tools. Case studies drawn from biology, environmental sciences, health sciences, and psychology. Includes functions, mathematical modeling, limits, continuity, tangents, velocity, derivatives, the chain rule, implicit differentiation, higher derivatives, exponential and logarithmic functions and their derivatives, differentiating inverse functions, the mean value theorum, concavity, inflection points, function optimization, and curve-sketching. Students cannot receive credit for this course and course 11A or Economics 11A or Mathematics 11A or 19A. Prerequisite(s): course 3 or Mathematics 3 or score of 300 or higher on precalculus placement exam or by permission of instructor. You must take BOTH of these courses to satisfy the Fundamental Math prerequisite.