GEL 198 - Elementary Mathematics is Fundamental (cross listed as MAT 198) course

Approval Status


Date Reviewed

June 2022

NOTE: Approved ONLY for course taken in Spring of 2022 or Winter 2023 taught by Professor Al Mendle: subject to review

Spring 2022 -CRN: 45382 (GEL 198) or CRN 48757 (MAT 198) 

Winter 2023 CRN: 26759 (GEL 198) or CRN 30890 (MAT 198)


Here’s a course that will look at some of the basic ideas in elementary school mathematics in a way that’s not just for kids. We will explore ways of

injecting a little FUN into some of the most basic ideas that children are learning about mathematics. We will be taking a deeper look at fundamentals with the goal of making

elementary mathematics comprehensible and interesting. We will definitely adhere to the dictum that mathematics is not a spectator sport. It can be engaging and it can be understood.

This will be a hands-on course. We will explore mathematics as if it’s a laboratory activity and is fun!

Course Type

Upper Division