MTH 216 A & MTH 216 B - College Algebra I & II

Approval Status


Date Reviewed

October 2011
College Algebra I The first part of a comprehensive two-month treatment of algebra and trigonometry pre- liminary to more specialized study in mathe- matics. The course is a continuation of inter- mediate algebra and covers higher degree polynomials, rational functions, transforma- tions and the algebra of function, matrix alge- bra and basic arithmetic of complex numbers. College Algebra II The second month of a comprehensive two- month treatment of algebra and trigonometry; this course is a continuation of MTH 216A. Topics include trigonometric functions, ana- lytic trigonometry and application, parametric equations, matrix algebra, sequences and series; and applied problems. Graphing calcu- lator is required. You must take BOTH of these courses to satisfy the Fundamental Math prerequisite.