Math 10A - Structure and Concepts in Mathematics I

Approval Status


Date Reviewed

June 2014
This course is designed for prospective elementary school teachers. The major focus of the course is about mastering the mathematical concepts students are expected to teach. The mathematical content of this course will include the investigation of the real number system and its subsystems from an informal point of view through the study of sets, relations and operations. The mathematical content, teaching tools and methods that students will learn in this class are essential in teaching mathematics in kindergarten through eighth grade. This course meets GE requirement in the area of B4 and is also approved by the Liberal Studies Committee as meeting the content specifications in mathematics as part of the blended program in undergraduate teacher preparation, which prepares Multiple Subject candidates by connecting subject matter, and pedagogical studies in a manner that emphasizes quality, depth, rigor and scope. This course adds to the candidates’ knowledge of major themes, concepts, principles, and way of knowing of discipline-based studies and of interdisciplinary studies. Students also learn the delivery of content-specific instruction consist with state-adopted content standards for students. Prerequisite: students must meet the ELM requirement. Designed for prospective elementary school teachers. Development of real numbers including integers, rational and irrational numbers, computation, prime numbers and factorizations, and problem-solving strategies. Meets B4 G. E. requirement only for liberal studies majors.

Course Type

Lower Division